Redonk Nutshell: Touching finale of The Royal House of Shadows series where the youngest descendant of murdered monarchs remembers his past through the ministrations of the daughter of his enemy

The Royal House of Shadows series has been touch & go for me since the beginning.  I read & reviewed the first, Lord of the Vampires, by Gena Showalter and found it rated somewhere around “meh.”  It was enjoyable but not lasting.  I attempted to read Lord of Rage by Jill Monroe and was unable to finish it.  I had resolved to read the third, Lord of the Wolyfn by Jessica Anderson, but couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Then Lord of the Abyss became available and I thought, “eh, why not.”  Nalini Singh writes fantastically, and this was the conclusion of a series, two facts that I hoped worked in favor for the book.

It did.  It really did.

I really loved this story!  From start to finish it reads like a fairy tale, and unlike its siblings, this story doesn’t rely on sexual tension.  Instead Singh creates an entrancing story of a woman who risks her life to save the last sibling of a dying dynasty her evil father in intent on destroying.  The young prince, Micah, has no memories of his violent childhood, and he currently knows nothing but his duty as the Lord of the Abyss, ferrying dark souls into the afterlife at the edge of the world. Lilianna is the daughter to the blood sorcerer that killed Micah’s parents, and she knows that Micah is the key to restoring the peace and beauty that was once Elden.  When she magically appears in his realm, he throws her into his dungeon.  But through compassion and cooking, Lilianna manages to snake her way into his good graces.  Her task to to make him remember, and in the process these two end up bonding.

What really made this story so wonderful was the rich storytelling.  Lilianna is a fantastic heroine, not being beautiful or remarkable, yet relentlessly vital.  Micah falls in love with her for her ability to nurse his soul, and when the passion between them begins to heat up, it just feels right.  It’s not forced.  It’s not coerced.  It just is.  It’s wonderful.

I loved this book.  It is a fantastic conclusion to what has otherwise been something of a lackluster series for me.  What makes it even better is that Lord of the Abyss can be read as a stand alone, though there are a few references to the other sibling’s stories.

Lord of the Abyss by Nalini Singh, 288 pgs 11/22/11

Rating: B+

Romance: 2/5          Raunch: 3/5

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