Redonk Nutshell: Man and woman come to London to find spouses and are reluctantly drawn together

Cleo’s upbringing has her determined to make a life for herself without having to bear children. Her mother bore several children to Cleo’s stepfather, several of whom didn’t live, and Cleo was the one who had to bear the brunt of the emotional load.  Now under the care of her birth father, she’s set on marrying an older Duke who is unable to…er…perform.  When Logan McKinney stumbles onto the scene, she makes a point to avoid him. He’s a Scottish lord looking for a wife, which is no secret to the ton, and Logan is intrigued by Cleo.  She’s the only woman he’s been around that’s actually had a spark.  He’s initially convinced she’s a gold digger, but he comes to learn there’s more to her quest in marrying the elder Duke she’s attached herself to.  When events conspire to put he and Cleo together, they’re forced to marry amid a storm of scandal, and the two of them have to figure out how to work through their emotional baggage.

I divided this book into two parts in my head.  The courting and the marriage.  The courting, or part I, was a lot of fun.  The chase always is, and it was lovely watching these two spar and tip toe around one another.  Logan is rather no-nonsense, and Cleo is just desperate to detach herself from any sort of emotional and/or physical attraction.  Part II, well, I struggled a bit with it.  It plods along in a predictable pace, and I had a hard time refraining from reaching into the book and strangling Cleo for her idiocy. The gradual resolution is neither surprising or suspenseful, and I found myself feeling a bit flat from what started out as a flirty and fun book.

Lessons is a sweet book, a fluffy and predictable regency romance, though it’s not a favorite of mine.

Lessons from a Scandalous Bride by Sophie Jordan

Rating: C

Romance: 3/5              Raunch: 2/5

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