Redonk Nutshell: Reformed bad girl is forced to revisit her past when her brother gets himself in trouble

I think I can safely say that Victoria Dahl writes some of the steamiest, smuttiest sex scenes in the entire romance genre.  On top of that, she typically throws in a pretty awesome story line to go with it. Can I get an “amen!” anyone?

Lead Me On is the story of Jane, a woman who has more or less walked through fire to cleanse herself of her bad-girl past.  She’s changed her name, her mannerisms, everything, and for the past several years she’s established herself as a hard working and successful businesswoman.  When Williams Chase walks into her office she can’t deny the spark between them.  The problem?  He looks exactly like the kind of guy she has sworn off for good.  Tattooed. Huge. Muscled. Kind of dirty.  So she blows him off with indifference.  But Chase isn’t one to quit easily.  Things get even more complicated when Jane’s brother gets himself in trouble with the law, and she’s forced to do some reconnaissance work.  When Chase turns out to be everything she needs and more, Jane realizes the problem hasn’t been with everyone else, but more with herself.

This was a fantastic contemporary romance.  I found myself struggling to like Jane at times – she’s hard as hell on herself and the decisions she made in her past.  She’s quick to judge everyone around her and assumes that everyone is also sizing her up when she’s not looking.  Chase, who has few qualms about who and what he is, has no problems taking on Jane and her problems.  Mind you, he doesn’t try to fix her – he just works with her.  It’s actually kind of remarkable.  They compliment each other well.

And the attraction?  Lawdy lawd, the attraction.  This is a hot book.

Lead Me On by Victoria Dahl, 334 pgs, 1/5/10

Rating: A

Romance: 4/5                Raunch: 5/5

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