Redonk Nutshell: Intended bride to Satan and Horseman of the Apocalypse puts her unintended lover in harm’s way when her past comes to light

Looking for a rip roaring good time packed with adventure, sarcasm, mythology, and some smut-tastic raunch?  Pick up some Larissa Ione.  Immortal Rider is book two in her Lords of Deliverance series.  It features Limos, aka Famine, and her disastrous attempts to hide her scheming past from her brothers while keeping herself out of the clutches of her intended husband, Satan.  When a stolen kiss with Limos lands Arik Wagner in hell, quite literally, he somehow manages to retain his sanity after a month of torture at the hands of Satan’s minions.  He manages an escape and is rescued by Limos, but his feelings for her are, er, complicated by a) her betrothal contract, b) her tendency to lie, c) her scary-ass brothers d) countless other things involving demons, vampires and the end of the world.

What really makes this book shine are its characters.  Sure, the actions drive most of the plot – i.e. the end of the world – but the character development is superb.  Limos is a hell of a trip.  She’s got some serious baggage, most of which isn’t her fault seeing as that she was born to Lilith and raised with the expectation of being Satan’s wife.  She has a compulsion to lie, and she’s shouldering a serious burden of horrible sh*t she did in the days before she realized her brothers weren’t the bad guys.  Arik, on the other hand, has his own crap to deal with, but what makes his relationship with Limos work is his no-holds-barred way of calling Limos on her bullsh*t.  He doesn’t pussyfoot.  He doesn’t sugarcoat.  He calls it like it is.  These two go together like to gnarly puzzle pieces.

We’re also introduced to the next major plot for book three, due out mid 2012, involving Thanatos, aka Death, and a conception that may result in bringing out the apocalypse.  We get more of Ares and Cara from book one (and the hellhounds), and lots of cameos by other demons and characters from Ion’s Demonica world.  It’s, well, lush.  If you’re not familiar with this world you may be a bit lost at first, but fear not.  You can pick it up it you stick it out.  But it’s a lot to take in for a newbie.

I enjoyed this book.  It’s definitely a stepping stone for what feels like an impending epicness.  I’m irritated at having to wait until friggin June 2012.  I mean…really!?!?! I’m such an impatient byatch.

Immortal Rider by Larissa Ione, 414 pgs, 11/22/11

Rating: B

Romance: 2/5              Raunch: 3/5

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