Title: Grimspace

Author: Ann Aguirre

Redonk Nutshell: Kick ass space traveler gets her ass kicked by government conspiracy

Official Synopsis: By all accounts, Sirantha Jax should have burned out years ago…As the carrier of a rare gene, Jax has the ability to jump ships through grimspace—a talent which cuts into her life expectancy, but makes her a highly prized navigator for the Corp. But then the ship she’s navigating crash-lands, and she’s accused of killing everyone on board. It’s hard for Jax to defend herself: she has no memory of the crash.  Now imprisoned and the subject of a ruthless interrogation, Jax is on the verge of madness. Then a mysterious man breaks into her cell, offering her freedom—for a price. March needs Jax to help his small band of rogue fighters break the Corp monopoly on interstellar travel—and establish a new breed of jumper.  Jax is only good at one thing—grimspace—and it will eventually kill her. So she may as well have some fun in the meantime…

The only reason I picked up this book was because it was highly recommended via Smexy Books and Fiction Vixen.  That’s not to say I don’t appreciate sci-fi.  Hell, I grew up watching Star Trek: TNG and was obfrigginsessed with The X Files as a teen.  I love me some sci-fi and fantasy.  Yet sometimes I’m turned off when things get a bit…out there.  Not so much with the concepts as with the details.  I have much respect for people that know Elvish via Tolkien, but…for me personally, no thank you.  I’m a Whovian.  I LOVE Firefly and Farscape.  And Torchwood…more Capn’ Jack, pleeeeze.  But even I reach my limit.

That said, I wouldn’t have come across Grimspace without having stumbled upon it from the above mentioned ladies.  I added it on my to-be-read list, and promptly pushed it up via Fiction Vixen’s recommendation.  And I’m glad I did.

WHEW-EEEEEEEEEEE whatta ride! I loved reading about Sirantha Jax and the crazy-ass conspiracy whirling around her and her ability to jump into Grimspace.  First off, the world building…TOP NOTCH.  There were a few times I found myself getting caught up in details, and I ain’t gonna lie…I had to glance over a sentence here or there to keep my mind from wandering.  Other than that, though,  there was very little to hold me back from falling head first into this book.

I loved all the characters.  Sirantha is funny, gritty and compassionate, and her shipmates are each individual little snowflakes. HA! I’m not going to go into too much depth about the plot because it move so fast and is incredibly all engrossing, but know that it’s got action, drama, and a good dosage of romance.  A great mix.  I’m curious to check out the next in the series.

What I loved about this book: Incredibly fun with a kick ass heroine

What I didn’t like: It’s a complex world, and at times it can be hard to keep up with all the incredible detail.

Rating: A

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  1. Oh I ‘m so glad you liked it! I’m not a huge fan of sci-fi but wow, this one really blew me away. I agree, Jax is an awesome heroine. I didn’t find the world so detailed that I couldn’t keep up though. Sometimes with sci-fi I have trouble envisioning an unfamiliar setting but Grimspace totally worked for me.

    Nice review. 🙂

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