Redonk Nutshell: Perky & pretty brewery owner butts heads with her overprotective brothers when she kindles a relationship with a cop

Tessa Donovan is pretty, smart, and witty.  She co-owns a small family operated brewery with her brothers, the men that have more or less raised her when their mom and dad died in a car accident many years ago.  Tessa drives hard bargains as a businesswoman for the brewery, and when her middle brother, Jamie, makes a rash mistake with a potential client’s daughter, Tessa rushes in to try to salvage not just the deal, but also the relationship with their oldest brother, Eric.  To make matters even more complicated, the brewery recently suffered a break in, and all three Donovan siblings are doing their part to help Eric pick up the pieces.

Thus enters Detective Luke Asher.  Assigned to the break in, he catches up with the Donovans the morning after the break in – Luke and Jamie went were former college buddies.  Luke is immediately intrigued by Tessa, and vice versa, but Jamie warns them away from each other.  But Tessa insists on getting what she wants, she inevitably wants Luke Asher.

Their casual relationship blossoms over the course of several weeks and before long, the two realize they have a serious connection.  They each battle their own demons, and things get complicated as they realize their feelings for each other.

This was my first read by Victoria Dahl, and I was very much looking forward to it.  As a contemporary romance it was fun.  The dialogue had me smiling at times, and down right laughing at others.  The sex scenes were pretty smoking.  The emotional pivotal point of the story was well done, though predictable.  It was a fun read, though not one I see myself reading again.  I’ve got the next in the series, Bad Boys Don’t, lined up in my queue, which looks to be Jamie’s story. Looking forward to that!

Good Girls Don’t by Victoria Dahl, 384pgs, 9/1/11

Rating: C+

Romance: 3/5                Raunch: 4/5

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