Redonk Nutshell: A masked man & woman haunted by fiery abilities team up to track down someone committing murders to members of a mysterious club

What do you get when you combine a regency Gothic romance with paranormal themes and fairy tale inspiration?  Answer: Firelight, by Kristen Callihan.  It sounds complicated, but she pulls it off with ease.  And it’s FANTASTIC!

Miranda Ellis is tormented by her strange ability to control and conjure fire and flame.  She’s been working for her scoundrel father for years, stealing and pick-pocketing to make ends meet.  When Lord Benjamin Archer offers to pay off the man’s debts in exchange for marrying her, she’s put off.  At first.  She gradually comes around, especially when she realizes this is the renowned man that goes around wearing a mask.  No one knows what he looks like nor why he hides his face.  He’s elusive and mysterious.  They marry quickly, and before long Miranda comes to realize the man behind the mask has hidden more than his face behind his mask.  He’s tormented by his own past.  When friends of his begin turning up murdered, and the murderer is obviously out to frame Archer, they team up to figure out who’s behind it.  In the process, they end up becoming fast friends, and gradually, lovers.

I loved, loved, loved this book.  It’s dark and sensual Gothic theme is incredibly seductive.  Pair that with the paranormal element of Miranda’ s power of fire and Archer’s elusive past with demons and the face he hides behind the mask, you’ve got an incredible power-hitting novel that’s guaranteed to knock your socks off.

These two characters really jump off the page.  Miranda is Belle to Archer’s Beast.  They banter back and forth in a way that had me laughing.  Their attraction is toe-curling. When things really being to heat up (pun TOTALLY intended) it’s truly intriguing.

Firelight is an adventurous, Gothic paranormal read that will take you on a thrilling ride that’ll have you panting for the next book.

Firelight by Kristen Callihan, 384pgs, 1/31/12

Rating: A

Romance: 3/5          Raunch: 3.5/5


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