Redonk Nutshell: Stowaway priestess lives on the wild side while hiding out with a mercenary ship

Book Two in Ms. Croft’s Blood Hunter series picks up more or less where it’s predecessor, Break Out, left off.  This time we’re focusing on Al, the cabin “boy” and the ship’s newest guest, assassin Jonathon Decker.  Having been rescued from cryo on a no-return kind of planet, he’s confused about where he is and why he’s there.

Alexia, High Priestess of the Church of Everlasting Life, aka “Al the cabin boy” has been hiding out among the crew of El Cazador on the run from her sheltered life as revered figurehead.  When Jon comes into the picture she finds herself pulled to him.  She decides then and there that she wants him, but Jon has other ideas.  Thus begins a cat and mouse game of “I want you but I shouldn’t” across a wild space chase involving agents of the Church as well as the government.

I enjoyed Deadly Pursuit.  I have a soft spot for intergalactic stories, and I remembered Break Out being a fun story.  Book two is a full out novel, so this time around we get more character development that isn’t completely driven by sex.  Jon is a werewolf, yet another element added into the fantasy mix that might tip the scale for some readers.  Ms. Croft does a good job balancing the supernatural with the sci-fi, though at times I remember thinking it was all a bit… extraneous.   Amid talk of blasters and aliens there’s also vampires and werewolves.  Is it too much?  Perhaps, though I rolled with it and found myself enjoyed it regardless.  No need to read the first book, though mention of its character’s escapades is made.  Ms. Croft does a nice job of carrying over just enough backstory to pull it off.

If you enjoy bad-ass heroes and wimpy-turned-fierce heroines you’ll enjoy this.  With it’s intricate world building and sci-fi/fantasy, Deadly Pursuit is a fun and fantastical romp.

Deadly Pursuit by Nina Croft, 280 pgs, 12/6/11

Rating: C

Romance: 1/5       Raunch: 3/5

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