Title: Charming the Prince

Author: Teresa Medeiros

Redonk Nutshell: Cinderella meets Pan’s Lost Boys in 14th century

Official Synopsis: He never lost a battle until he met the one woman who might succeed in… Charming the Prince. Dear Reader, My enemies know me as Lord Bannor the Bold, Pride of the English and Terror of the French. Never in my life have I backed down from any challenge or betrayed so much as a hint of fear–until the war ended and I found myself a reluctant papa to a dozen unruly children. Realizing that I couldn’t lop their little heads off or throw them in the dungeon, I sent my steward out to find them a mother and me a bride–an attractive, meek, maternal creature too plain to tempt me to get her with child. You can imagine my horror when he returned with Lady Willow of Bedlington, a spirited beauty who made me think of nothing else! With her cloud of dark curls and the sparkle of passion in her eyes, Willow was everything I’d sworn to resist. I never dreamed she would join forces with those mischievous imps of mine to teach this cynical warrior just how sweet surrender can be. Bannor the Bold, Lord of Elsinore

I came across this book while browsing Barnes & Noble’s website.  I was chomping at the bit for something new to read, but my mood was more finicky than usual.  The novels on my to-read list on Shelfari just weren’t doing it for me, and I was now perusing the romance section at random.  This book popped up in one of those “readers who looked at the book you clicked on also picked THIS”, and I was intrigued by the premise.  I downloaded a sample and off I went…never looking back.

This is more or less a reboot of Cinderella but without the fairy tale godmother.  No, Lady Willow Bedlington doesn’t need anyone other than herself to come to her own rescue.  She fares rather well in her circumstances, having been reduced to working as a babysitter and maid to her step siblings (and lord there be many of them).  She’s bold, strong, and brave.  So when the chance to get the hell outta dodge comes around she opts to take it – she accepts an offer to marry a distant Lord.  Lord Bannor the Bold is handsome, has a voracious reputation on the battlefield, and is rich and well respected.  What Willow doesn’t know is that he also has a brood of children.  Lord Bannor put out the word he was looking for a wife, but what he really wanted was a mother.  Why?  Because his hellion children are wrecking havoc on him, and he needs someone to bring them to heel.  What he doesn’t count on is actually falling in love with his wife.

This book is incredibly charming and had me giggling out loud at times.  I enjoyed Willow’s character – she’s a tough, I-fall-but-get-back-up-again kind of gal who doesn’t spend her time brooding over her less-than desirable upbringing.  Bannor is fun to read as well, what with his viking-like warrior’s reputation having been threatened to shambles by his 12 year old son and his younger cronies.   Bannor and Willow are equal matches to each other, and it equates to some pretty hilarious showdowns.  The children are rambunctious, obnoxious and adorable all at the same time.  They truly paint a wonderful supporting cast to the two leads.

I absolutely adored this book.  I’m so glad I came across it.  I hadn’t stumbled upon it before that day, so the Raunch Gods must have smiled upon me.

What I loved about this book: Funny, romantic, clever…it’s got a little bit of it all

What I didn’t like:

Rating: A

Romance: 4/5     Raunch: 3/5

I look forward to reading more by Teresa Medeiros.  Charming the Prince is an older release of hers, so I’m really excited to check out more of her work.

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