PerfectRedonk Nutshell: Widow and businessman hit it off over a series of baseball games

Elaine Simpson has a special love of baseball. She attends the Phillies games as often as possible with her adolescent son in tow, in the company of of three female friends. Elaine is widowed and isn’t really looking for love. In fact, at this point, she’d prefer drama free days with her son and some playoff games for her “boys.” When she accidentally spills her game soda all over the expensive suit of the business man sitting in front of her, she is mortified. Especially when she sees how handsome he is.  Graham Reed is irritated with the cold sticky mess on his suit, but not nearly as put off as his business partner seems to be. Graham puts both Elaine and the man at ease, shrugging it off as best he can. When Elaine offers to have the suit cleaned, she reluctantly agrees. She’s a beautiful woman and he’s intrigued by her, but he isn’t really looking to get involved. That changes, however, when the subtle spark between them ignites, and both Elaine and Graham are forced to wade through unchartered waters involving a new relationship and the affect it has on an angsty teenage boy.

This is a sugary sweet read. It made me smile several times, especially when both of our main characters get a bit out of their comfort zones. It’s relateable, and I think that’s what gives this story such a down-home feel. I enjoyed the story for what it was – a sweet, rekindling tale of romance and emotional connection, but I did not have any intense connection with it. This would make for a great beach read or a quickie getaway.

All in all, sweet but unremarkable. I enjoyed it but likely will not read again.

The Perfect Catch By Linda Cajio

Rating: C+

Romance: 3.5/5       Raunch: 2/5

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