‘Tis true, I am a murderer, a liar, and a thief. ‘Tis equally true that I will use whatever monstrous talents I posses to keep your daughter at my side. You can take Avalene to a convent at the ends of the earth and I will find her and steal her away again. I will lie to God, himself, to free her. I will protect her with my life, and I will murder anyone who threatens her.

Redonk Nutshell: King’s agent sent to abduct a female political pawn ends up falling in love

Dante Chiavari is sent by King Edward to intercept an envoy on route to collect a Welsh descendant of the nearly extinct Welsh royal line.  He is to abduct her and keep her from being delivered into the hands of a man that threatens to raise a Welsh rebellion against the crown. Dante accepts this task with the stipulation that this will be his last – he finally has his cards set to return to his Italian homeland and claim what was stolen from him.  He poses as a knight and enters Coleway castle with intent to steal away Avalene de Forshay.  What he doesn’t count on is falling in love with her.

Avalene hasn’t seen her father in years. He sent her to be raised by her aunt and uncle, two people she can’t seem to ever please, regardless of how hard she tries.  She is sheltered in the castle, but not ignorant. She knows she is a pawn to be played in the game of kings. Her arranged marriage to a potential threat to the King of England has yet to be ratified.  When “Sir Percival” arrives in court to take her to her betrothed, she is relieved to FINALLY be put to task.  She is drawn to the knight, though she knows it’s futile.  When he welcomes her attentions, she becomes even more torn about her impending marriage.  When “Percival” ends up being the notorious assassin to the king, she’s mortified and irate. Yet still, she can’t help her attraction to him.

This was a fun medieval romance.  It’s dark in the sense that Dante is not a “good” person, per se.  He is, at heart, a killer, though he does so in the name of his king.  His love for Avalene is the first he’s ever felt of passion, and it’s very romantic watching him fall for her.

Overall, this is a sweet and romantic read, though I don’t foresee myself reading it again.

The Dark Knight by Elizabeth Elliott

Rating: C

Romance: 3.5/5          Raunch: 2/5

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