Redonk nutshell: Hacker/tech wiz is the key to bringing down a government corrupt in virtual technology

This is a pretty intense sci-fi novella.  Vyn (short for Vynessa), is a genius at illegally manipulating high-tech glamour, techie “suits” that allow you to plug in and become anyone you want.  If you have the skill, that is.  When Vyn gets swept up in a quest with Paul Cross, a Corporation agent, to find and free his brother from Corporate domination, she finds herself struggling to keep it together.  Things get even trickier when they both realize she holds the key to bringing down the most corrupt players in the Corporations hierarchy.

This was a fun read, if at times hard to follow.  It’s Matrix-meets-Tron feel is pretty cool, but can be tricky to follow if you aren’t paying attention.  Synthetic Dreams is a novella, so it’s short, sweet, and fairly to the point.  The attraction between Paul and Vyn simmers effectively amid a plot that immerses the reader in a world built on virtual reality and technology.

A perky blend of action and suspense, Synthetic Dreams is a fantastic example of science-fiction romance.  I’d be curious for a longer, more fleshed-out *ahemFULLLENGTHcoughcough*story.  Overall, I enjoyed Ms. Knox’s sci-fi adventure.

Rating: C+

Romance: 1/5               Raunch: 3/5


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