The second he’s said it I have the overwhelming urge to cover my nipples. And my pink cheeks. And maybe my groin while i’m at it, because by this point it must be glowing like a neon sign: ENTER HERE.

Redonk Nutshell: Woman revisits friends and finally confronts unfinished sexual tension

Make Me is a novella featuring Maisie and her two guy friends, Brandon & Tyler.  Their friendship stems back since their college days, and the last time Maisie saw them she sneaked  out after an amazing albeit awkward threesome.  Ten years later she’s visiting them, and against her rational judgement she finds herself willing but conflicted in addressing what happened.

This is a naughty mcnaughty short by Charlotte Stein.  Tyler and Brandon have an interesting bisexual relationship, and both of them are tied up with Maisie. Maisie, god love her, is completely confused and shocked to learn of this. She struggles to understand the relationship between her two best friends. Tyler dominates Brandon like a boss, and Maisie has a hard time understanding how on earth this works, and why Brandon tolerates it. When things begin to click for her, she finds herself slipping in with them.

Steamy and raunchy, yes ma’am. I wouldn’t say this is one to stick with me, something like the equivalent of a one night stand erotic read. I enjoyed it, but it left me a bit empty.  I wasn’t too terribly attached to the characters, and there were times I wanted to shake Maisie. If you’re looking for something to light your fire give it a go, but don’t expect a lingering burn.

Make Me by Charlotte Stein

Rating: C

Romance: 1/5                     Raunch: 5/5

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