Redonk Nutshell: Man & woman attempt to make the most of their forced marriage after an unintended scandal

Amy Hardwick is determined to make her last season be different. She will not be a wallflower. She will stand out. She will give herself one last fighting chance at making a decent run of finding a marriage match.  Otherwise, it’s back to the country town and the vicar who is ready and willing to take her as his wife.

William Darcett wants desperately to get away from his family. His reputation as a notorious rake already has his mother and sisters in a tizzy, and he’s ready to head off for a fifth year to tour the continent, but his big brother freezes his finances in an attempt to keep him local. When a last ditch effort to turn a small money into big winnings via blackjack backfires, Will finds himself with two choices: fess up to his brother or marry an heiress.  He remembers Amy Hardwick from his brother’s wedding, and he’s convinced she would be a fairly easy mark. Little does he know, she’s not that easy…

The last in Ms. Dreiling’s “How-To” series, How to Ravish a Rake is a lighthearted finale to a sweet and fluffy trilogy.  Amy and Will are a sweet pair, though not remarkable.  Their story is more or less a “we were caught in an unscandalous scandal and forced to marry and then ended up actually falling in love.”  Fairly predictable and somewhat choppy at times, Rake fell short of my expectations for a series I fell hard for upon it’s 1st publication.  However, it’s refreshing to note that these two were more or less on the same page from day one. They’re fairly open and honest, with the exception of two fairly major details that come to a head when they find out about each other’s secrets.

This is a sweet and sensual tale of two people who never thought they’d make such a good team.  The winner of my affection still belongs to the first novel of Ms. Dreiling’s series, How to Marry a Duke.

How to Ravish a Rake by Vicky Dreiling

Rating: C

Romance: 3/5          Raunch: 3/5

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