Redonk Nutshell: Media circus surrounding woman’s crazy broken engagement sends her seeking refuge on a remote vacation island

Chloe’s thought her life had taken a horrible turn when her fiance’s plane crashed. It got weird when her fiance turned up alive and well a few days later, and in the arms of another woman.  The media, like the vampires they can be, has been up Chloe’s ass since the moment her fiance turned up. Anyone that’s ever known Chloe suddenly becomes a star witness to her “crazed Bridezilla” behavior, and Chloe is completely shellshocked by the blatant lies being told of her.  Her friend, Jen, whisks her away to a remote island off the east coast for some R&R time, hoping to avoid the paparazzi while there.  What neither of them count on is running into two guys who, not only have no idea who they are, but are also legitimately kind and interested in hanging out with them.  When their friendships begin to incite a few sparks, the girls are forced to figure out how best, if at all, to proceed from here.  A vacation fling isn’t out of the question, but the connection they feel speaks to something more lasting.

I’m a fan of Victoria Dahl, but Crazy for Love was not my favorite story of her’s.  I wasn’t overly fond of our two heroines and at times found them..well…a bit annoying.  I almost felt sympathetic for Max and Elliott, the heroes.  It’s Max and Elliott, though, that saved this story for me.  They’re genuinely sweet and caring, despite their various…quirks.  Max has some serious OCD tendencies, and Chloe is the first person he’s ever really opened up to about it.  Chloe handles it with ease, but I can’t help but wonder how long that would last.  I was twitching just thinking about it.  Jen knows more about Chloe’s fiance’s abandonment than what she initially lets on, and she carries it around like a heavy suitcase.  I wanted to smack her for prolonging the inevitable, that Chloe would eventually find out the “horrible truth.”  Wouldn’t it be better to hear it from a friend than from, say, a news report?  But, hey, whatever.   Despite the oddities of each character and their circumstances, we get a satisfactory happily-ever-after.

Overall, this was a sweet and quirky fluff read.

Crazy for Love by Victoria Dahl

Rating: C

Romance: 2/5             Raunch: 2/5

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