I’d rather spend the rest of my days living in the shadows with you than walking in the sunlight all alone.

Redonk Nutshell: Eldest sister is wary of the mysterious man that is allegedly a vampire courting her sister

Caroline Cabot has been looking after her two younger siblings since the death of their parents many years ago. When her middle sister, Vivienne, begins a serious courtship with a notorious viscount, Adrian Kane, she takes an interest. When she and the youngest are invited to meet Adrian, they accept, and soon enough, Caroline finds herself intrigued.  When her interest begins to stir other feelings in her, and him, she finds herself in a dilemma.  Oh, and the fact that the man *might* be a vampire could pose a serious problem as well.

I’m a big fan of Teresa Medeiros, so I was intrigued to give her historical romance/vampire series a go.  Overall I found this story to be fun and sweet,though I had a few issues with it.  First: Caroline doesn’t seem to take much (or at least enough that I could believe) issues with the fact that she’s canoodling with her sister’s potential suitor.  Mind you, it’s not an “official” courtship, but still. It’s clear from page one that everyone accepts the fact that Adrian is looking to court Vivienne.  So when Caro kisses him and passively pursues him, she doesn’t seem uber-conflicted about it.  Second: Caro is skeptical of the supernatural gossip surrounding Adrian, yet she’s arming herself with stakes and crosses while in his house. I was…confused.  Then again, I’m pretty sure Caro was, too.

Overall, After Midnight is a sweet and sensual mix of supernatural romance crossed with regency themes.

After Midnight by Teresa Medeiros

Rating: C

Romance: 4/5       Raunch: 2/5

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