Redonk Nutshell: Feisty heroine enlists the help of a fellow bounty hunter in bringing down a human trafficking ring

Finally! I’ve FINALLY read a book by Lori Foster.  I see her stuff everywhere, deliciously muscled torsos plastered on her covers.  Mm. This was my first exploration into her Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series, a series featuring bounty hunter-type men who work with the law to track down the bottom dwellers of crime.

The stars in A Perfect Storm  are Arizona, a feisty, former victim-turned-kickass crime stopper and Spencer, a stoic and no-nonsense bounty hunter reluctantly intrigued by the woman that keeps popping up on his radar.  When Arizona shows up in his house, unannounced, and asking for his help to bring down what she suspects is a local human trafficking ring, he agrees.  But with terms.  Arizona wants to charge in, undercover, offering herself up as bait.  Spencer would rather take it slower, carefully canvasing and enlisting the help of Arizona’s crime-stopping buddies. When things get uber-complicated, i.e. they start really feeling the attraction to each other, both are forced to take a step back and reassess themselves and their desires.

Arizona has some serious baggage.  She was a victim of human trafficking for years until her rescue.  While she’s healed herself pretty well, she still has some serious emotional scars that she won’t let anyone see.  Except Spencer.  And Spencer?  He’s ridiculously awesome with her.  He doesn’t coddle her, yet somehow manages to find that in-between that isn’t quite “I FIX YOU” yet sorta is at the same time.  Their chemistry is evident, and though they both recognize it and try to keep their cool, they don’t really…well…deny it.  In fact, they’re blatantly open about it.  And when they finally find themselves in a good place to act on it?  HAWT.

A Perfect Storm is an adventurous contemporary read featuring some fascinatingly flawed characters.

A Perfect Storm by Lori Foster, 3/27/12

Rating: C+

Romance: 2/5           Raunch: 3.5/5



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