“Apologies,” he said roughly. “I don’t like anyone coming up behind me.”

Theresa nodded. “I can see that. Would you please release my bosom?”

He stayed where he was, his hard body pressing her against the wall, close enough to kiss but not doing so. “I don’t want to,”  he murmured.

“Her heart skittered. “Do so anyway, Colonel.” She ordered.

Redonk Nutshell: Intrically polished woman finds herself inexplicably pulled toward a flawed colonel

Theresa Weller is a lady of the finest order. She wrote the book on being proper, literally, and she finds fun in her life of a favored and beautiful woman. When Colonel Bartholomew “Tolly” James, the brother to her close cousin’s husband, returns home, she’s intrigued by his abrupt manners and complete disregard for social etiquette.  He’s recently returned from a tour in India after having a horrific encounter with the fabled Thuggee that left him the sole survivor. He hobbles around on an injured leg, wanting nothing more than to be left alone.  When the East India Trading company releases a report dismissing the existence of the Indian band of thugs, Tolly gets fired up.  He and Theresa find a sort of friendship together, though they both realize it’s driven by underlying attraction.

This was a cute an witty read.  I really enjoyed the 3rd in Ms. Enoch’s Adventurer’s series – I’m apparently going at this one backwards.  A Lady’s Guide to Improper Behavior is book 2. Book 3, Rules of an Engagement, has a special place in my heart for it’s maritime appeal, though I did find book 2 to be refreshingly appealing in its own way.  Theresa has the potential to be dull, yet she’s anything but.  She’s smart but not stuffy, witty but not abrasive.  She manages to find the perfect balance to properly knock Tolly on his arse – and it’s exactly what the poor man needs.  What really makes this story shine is how perfect these two are for each other.  There’s a bit of adventure and scandal thrown in, but truly, the chemistry between the main characters is what kept me involved.  It follows a typically regency romance formula and is fairly predictable, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

A Lady’s Guide to Improper Behavior by Suzanne Enoch

Rating: C+

Romance: 4/5                Raunch: 3/5

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