There were so many layers of reality to the world. Nothing stopped for death; nothing stopped for grief or horror or tragedy.

Truer words couldn’t be said for Bryn Davis.  Recently released from the military, Bryn finds solace working as a funeral director’s assistant.  Until aforementioned funeral director murders her when she realizes they’re involved in the trade of an underground drug that brings the dead back to life.  When Bryn is revived with the drug, she finds herself in a pickle: she can work for the drug company to help bring down the person illegally distributing their wares, or she can turn herself over to slowly rot and die.

I LOVED this book.  I was engrossed in such an original idea, and fascinated (and a bit grossed out) by the details.  Our heroine is a pretty down to earth kind of girl just trying to put roots down in the world.  When she’s murdered and brought back to life against her will, her options are extremely limited. So she makes the most of it, gradually coming to terms with her fate as the story progresses.

This is an action-packed story with twists and turns that make it hard to tell who’s good and who’s bad.  It’s easy to sympathize with our undead heroine as she attempts to make sense of her anger and fear.

Working Stiff is the first is Ms. Caine’s Revivalist series.  Book two is due out summer 2012.  And I. Can’t. Wait.

Working Stiff by Rachel Caine, 306 pgs, 8/2/11

Rating: B

Romance: 2/5             Raunch: 0/5

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