He cupped her cheeks in his palms, his fraudulent tenderness making her shiver with perverse yearning.

“One scream would probably bring my entire crew charging to defend your virtue. Wouldn’t that gratify you?”

“I remember a time not so long ago when one scream brought you charging to defend my virtue.”

Redonk Nutshell: A scorned pirate worms his way into his enemy’s confidences by using his enemy’s daughter

Lucina Snow has her world turned upside down when her voyage, of which she went in place of her father, is interrupted by the notorious Captain Doom. When she’s kidnapped she fears the worst. But when Doom, a young and bearded man, shows restraint and, gasp!, even gentlemanly treatment, she’s intrigued. When she stabs him in the shoulder she leaves a lasting impression. He forces her overboard to be rescued by the navy with the point of taking a message to her father: Captain Doom is coming to collect his debt.

Lucy is rescued and returned home, once more under her father’s ever disapproving gaze. The Admiral takes it upon himself to hire a bodyguard to stick with Lucy at all times, convinced that the notorious pirate will try to go after her again. Lucy is skeptical.  When Gerard Claremont is hired for the job, she finds him more than tedious. They go out of each others’s way to irritate one another, up until the point where they both realize there’s a certain…attraction.  Lucy has romantic notions remaining from her time with Doom, and she finds herself realizing the folly of it the more time she spends with Claremont.

Meanwhile Claremont, who is actually a cleaned up Captain Doom, is having a hell of a time keeping his priorities straight. Years ago the Admiral betrayed him and framed him as a pirate, and he’s intent on finding the proof of his innocence.  Lucy is a distraction, one he finds himself struggling to want himself to be rid of.

This was a fun read. It’s a fantastic example of a classic, sweeping romance.  Claremont/Doom is a fairly honest guy, though he revels in his bad boy image from time to time. He cares for his crew and gradually comes to care for Lucy as well. Lucy is a down to earth heroine, one that manages to be a strong woman without coming across as abrasive. Her father is a complete and total prick, and it’s fun watching him slowly and painfully get his comeuppance.

If you’re looking for a sweet and epic romance with a mix of maritime and urban fun, definitely check this one out.  This makes for a fantastic beach book. It’s hard to go wrong with Teresa Medeiros.

Thief of Hearts by Teresa Medeiros

Rating: B

Romance: 3/5        Raunch: 2/5

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