Redonk Nutshell: In which we learn more about a sadist priest and his lover

This is the 2nd book in Tiffany Reisz’s The Original Sinners series. Book one left me torn and strewn about like a roll of toilet paper in a house full of cats. I was drooling in anticipation for this book, anxious to see what was next in Nora Sutherlin’s life. If you haven’t read the first in the series, I’d a) recommend you do (seriously? where have you been?) and b) stop here. Thar’ be spoilers ahead.

The Angel focuses primarily on Soren, the tortured priest who heavily influences Nora’s life, and Michael, the young and burdened teenager who nurses a crush on our heroine.

First. Soren. Oh…Soren. It was hard to like him in The Siren. We don’t get that much of a likable vibe from him, and why would we, really? He’s a sadist. Well, friends, in The Angel we get to see a bit more, a peek behind the facade. You know, still waters run deep and all that. We gradually learn his back story and how he got to be how he is. No spoilers here, it ain’t a happy story. What’s amazing is that Soren didn’t turned out as effed up as he could have been. He deals with his demons in the only way he knows how – through pain. And I totally get it. He’s a fascinating character. I’m curious to see how he continues to grow, and how he pushes Nora and her own development.

Then we have Michael.  Oh sweet, dear Michael. We met him in the first book as well, the tortured soul who’s virginity is offered to Nora as a gift. Nora takes Michael to be “trained” as a submissive up to her friend Griffin’s estate. When the attraction between Griffin and Michael gradually escalates, things get pretty interesting.

I enjoyed The Angel, though it didn’t torment me the same way The Siren did. And I’m okay with that. At this point I’m fascinated by what these characters are doing and what’s going to happen next. They’re so well fleshed out and unpredictable, a welcome rarity in romantic/erotic fiction.

Cant’ wait for The Prince, or as I’ve come to think of it, Wesley’s book. Now THAT is going to be something!

The Angel by Tiffany Reisz

Rating: B

Romance: 2/5           Raunch: 5/5


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