Something Wicked This Way Comes 2, various authors

Redonk Nutshell: Six short stories from Ellora’s Cave authors

This is a collection of six short stores by Ellora’s cave erotica authors.  It’s safe to say these all rate a solid 4/5 when it comes to raunchiness. There’s little in the way of kink, but it’s pretty steamy.

Fatman & Robyn by Jaid Black

All-star quarterback is attracted to big, curvy women and he finds himself falling fast for a fiery Italian woman who has no idea who he is.

Rating: B


Tinderbox by Regina Carlysle

Two jaguar shape shifters rescue a kidnap victim who is about to go into heat.  In each other they find themselves forever mated.

Rating: C


Asterion by Katalina Leon

The village chief f kidnaps a woman as an offering to the Minotaur god. The woman is terrified but quickly finds herself intrigued when the minotaur shifts into human form and ravishes her with pleasure.

Rating: B


Decadent Dance by Aubrey Ross

A retired professional dancer purchases a silly outfit from a magic shop. When she puts it on, she is magically transported into space where she is expected to “dance” with the humanoid-alien captain.

Rating: B


Sahara Heat by Diana Hunter

A romance writer is set up on a date with her friend’s coworker, an archaeologist.  They quickly realize they both share kinky BDSM desires and they end up being a pretty good match.

Rating: C


Scarred and Kilt by Laurann Dohner

Matty is convinced her new hot, kilt-wearing neighbor is a vampire. His strange hours, weird visitors, and odd deliveries can only be explained by him being a vampire, which is ridiculous up until the night Matty sees an armed, strange man sneaking into the neighbor’s house.  She rushes over to alert him, only to find her suspicions confirmed and her attraction to him mutual.

Rating: C+


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