Thanks to the Free Library of Philly (SHOUTOUT!) I’ve gotten my hands on a bunch of Megan Hart’s short stories. Is it just me or are there others out there that feel an inflated sort of accomplishment when you’ve read nearly, if not all, the entire collection of a certain author?  Yeah. That’s me.  Except I still have a long way to go with Megan Hart.

Here’s what I’ve read so far:

Everything Changes

Rating: C+

This is a prequel, more or less, to the novel Tempted which features James, Anne, and Alex.  This is the same story but told through Alex’s eyes.

Tempted really effed with me emotionally, so it was intriguing to revisit it through a different perspective.  Poor Alex.  So glad he eventually gets his HEA…





Reason Enough

Rating: B

This story features Dan and Elle from Dirty, a favorite of mine.  I was excited to revisit two of my favorite characters.  This was like a peek into their lives after the events of Dirty, during a pivotal moment where they’re considering starting a family.  It’s a sexy and meaningful interlude into characters that still stick with me to this day.  Very much enjoyed this.





Gilt and Midnight

Rating: B

This is a stand alone erotic fairy tale featuring a woman cursed by a dark fairy to be haunted with lust but never experience “fulfillment”.   Two men come to her kingdom looking not only to break her curse but their own as well.

This is a pretty smutty read. I approve.  M/M/F






Friendly Fire

Rating: C+

Two fellow government agents are ordered to take leave after a drug bust gone wrong. They start off loathing each other but end up realizing they share a connection neither can fight off.

Nothing like a sweet and spicy exotic erotic story. Can you say that ten times fast? Hm?




Indecent Experiment

Rating: A

A college psych experiment testing physical attraction & lust brings together two strangers both initially lured to the experiment for the $1000 pay off.

I enjoyed this story.  It takes two people who aren’t initially attracted to each other and forces them outside their comfort zone, which of course ends up ignite a flame neither of them saw coming.  It’s a slow but intense burn.  Great short story!





The Challenge

Rating: B

Coworkers, close friends, and polar opposites issue a challenge to see if they can sexually satisfy each other.  Katie is straight and struggling to make a connection with the man she’s pseud0-dating. Dean is gay and hasn’t been able to commit to anyone since a horrific breakup.  Their interlude together helps them refocus their other relationships.

This was an interesting short. It’s pretty hot, and there’s a nice emotional impact as well.




I was able to read all of these as library Kindle books thanks to  If you’re a PA resident with a PA library card that has a PA Access sticker on it, you can get a Philly library card for free!  Their selection of eBooks is fabulous.  It’s a fantastic option for those of us with serious romance addiction and budget constrictions…fo’realz.

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