Redonk Nutshell: Immortal assassin takes on a case that blows her world as she knows it to smithereens

I had put this on my TBR pile after reading some mixed reviews.  What was intriguing to me was that people either loved it or really didn’t like it at all.  I was looking forward to seeing which camp I fell into.

Darian is a Shaede, an immortal being that can turn into black mist at night (I was reminded of how the Death Eaters in the Harry Potter movies got around). She wasn’t always what she is – her maker turned her and left her, leaving her to fend for herself for nearly a century.  Now, after a contract gone, well, weird, she comes to realize that her previous notion of being the only Shade in existence is a big crock o’poo.  In fact, there’s a whole hierarchy of paranormal entities out there, and many of them aren’t fans of her.

I really, really enjoyed this book.  I thought it was a hella lot of fun.  Darian isn’t entirely likeable, though she grows on you.  She’s got the emotions of a rusty bucket (at first), and the attachment of our hero, Tyler, is a bit mind boggling. Yet it works.  When Darian’s world is turned upside down, she’s forced to re-evaluate everything as she’s known it.  In turn, she begins to evolve, both mentally and physically.  Her autopilot finally clicks to “off” and she begins to finally act in a manner befitting someone her kick-ass status.

Shaedes of Gray is action-packed with sword play and combat and a whole crazy ragtag crew of supernatural characters.  We get something of a love triangle, of which some may take to being a bit, er, creepy, given the third wheel that’s thrown into the mix.  If the father or your previous lover wanted to bang you, you might be skeeved out too, but…well, just roll with it.

Anyhow, I very much enjoyed this paranormal romance.  It’s Ms. Bonilla’s first, and I think there’s quite a bit of potential in this series.  I’m excited to see where it goes.

Shaedes of Gray by Amanda Bonilla, 317 pgs, 12/6/11

Rating: B-

Romance: 3/5            Raunch: 2.5/5


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