No, there was nothing at ll to suggest that Lady Philippa Marbury, daughter of one of the most powerful peers in Britain, was anything other than a perfectly ordinary young woman. Nothing, that was, until she opened her mouth and said things like, ‘bipedal locomotion’. And ‘coitus’.

Redonk Nutshell: Woman asks notorious gentleman to help her in an experiment of temptaiton

Philippa Marbury has always been a little bit…odd. She’s more likely to be buried in a book or discussing science than caring about balls, gowns, or…womanly pursuits. Philippa knows who she is and what is required of her, and unfortunately for her, the two aren’t quite meeting where they should be. She is supposed to marry (and she is fine with this) but what she is having trouble understanding is love, or rather lust. She has a fine understanding of the scientific nature of sex, but simply can’t wrap her head around the sensuality of human sexuality. So what does she do? She begs the help of her brother-in-law’s friend, a fellow partner in the notorious club, The Fallen Angel. His reputation as a man of passion precedes him, and she’s convinced he’s the perfect person to explain to her how things work.

Known as Cross, the poor man has to put her off several times before finally, FINALLY agreeing to help her, but only on his terms. Despite his scoundrel-like reputation, Cross is actually a pretty decent guy. In fact, there are things about him not many people know and he carries his secrets deeply. When Philipps continues to dog his heels, he takes her under his wing, unwittingly putting himself constantly on temptation’s edge.

It makes for some pretty hilarious exchanges.

The 1st book in MacLean’s Scoundrel series was dark. Book 2 continues the pattern, though with more of a hint of humor. Watching Philippa come into herself as a woman is a fascinating process to watch. And Cross. What a guy. Underneath his sinner exterior he truly is a saint.

One Good Earl is a book of sexual tension and temptation, a lesson where both the student and the teacher learn and discover new things.

One Good Earl Deserves a Lover by Sarah MacLean

Rating: B

Romance: 3/5          Raunch: 3.5/5

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