Redonk Nutshell: Unlikely friends give in to attraction amid fallout from family and friends

It’s okay to struggle to find our place in this world and the person who will take us for who and what we are. Sometimes we dress ourselves in layers that only get peeled away in the end, to leave us as we should be.

This book is something of a continuation of Tempted, but this time we pick up with Alex”s storyline.  The end of Tempted is best described as tumultuous, and I felt concerned for not only James & Anne’s marriage, but also Alex, a drifter who is struggling to find his place.  Naked is told from Olivia’s perspective.  She’s a beautiful young African American woman who recently started her own photography business.  She meets Alex at a part thrown by her former fiance-turned-gay man, Patrick.  She recognizes an attraction to Alex, but she’s told he’s gay so she initially keeps her distance.  When Alex begins to make moves on her she’s pleasantly surprised.  Against the warnings from their friends, they begin a relationship and in the process discover how well matched, though challenged, they truly are.

Naked is a soothing conclusion from Tempted.  You don’t necessarily have to read Tempted to follow Olivia & Alex’s story, but you’d have a much better understanding of Alex’s predicament if you did.

Once again Ms. Hart’s skill as an erotic writer shines. There are laugh-out-loud funny moments, gut-wrenching painful moments, and all encompassing sensual passages that run you through a gamut of emotions.  You want like hell to root for both Olivia and Alex, and it’s fascinating to watch them make sense of their ever evolving relationship.

Again, another wonderful read by Ms. Hart.  I’m incredibly thankful for the follow up from Tempted.

Naked by Megan Hart

Rating: B

Romance: 3/5          Raunch: 5/5

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