Redonk Nutshell: Celebrity actor has a relationship with an every-girl

Hot commodity Ryan Christiansen is in town filming the latest in a series of super popular films, and Taryn Mitchell enjoys sitting back and watching the crazy unfold. She owns and operates a classy pub in the small Rhode Island town, and while her regulars aren’t phased by the town’s new additions, they are, however, noticing the influx of crazed fans. When the man himself ducks into Taryn’s bar to seek refuge from cloying paparazzi and female admirers, she kinda sorta “gets it,” if you know what I mean. He’s an attractive guy, and she comes to learn he’s very, well, normal. When Ryan realizes that Taryn is far from a crazed fan, he relaxes. In fact, he becomes intrigued by her. She hasn’t seen any of his films and really doesn’t know much about him. She’s a grounded, stable chick who, for the first time in a long time, offers him a chance at something he didn’t think he’d have – normalcy.

The attraction between the two sizzles. Slowly. Neither are really sure how to proceed, and a good amount of Love Unscripted is the two of them trying, and failing, to figure out the ropes of having a normal, functioning relationship amid a super-crazy Hollywood lifestyle.

This book is PURE CRACK. It’s not literature by any stretch of the imagination, but I found myself really drawn to it, regardless. I became quickly addicted to the story – I mean, really, who wouldn’t be? It’s Knotting Hill a la New England style. Ryan and Taryn both have some emotional baggage that really rears its weight from time to time. There were a few moments, particularly toward the end, where I wanted to smack Taryn for being so…well…just dumb. DUMB DUMB DUMB. But their bizarre moments of jealously and overreactions weren’t nearly as bad as some other stories I’ve read recently (and shall not be named).

This was a super romantic read. It had me smiling all googely-eyed many times and shaking my head the next page. It’s a long read, coming in at over 600 pages. Personally, I prefer longer books, and in this case it’s worth it. The relationship between Ryan and Taryn really grows naturally. I’m glad I picked this up and would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a fun, flirty and touching romantic read. Also, there’s a sequel that just came out that I might…just…be…considering…

Love Unscripted by Tina Reber

Rating: B

Romance: 5/5            Raunch: 2/5

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