“She dug her nails into her palms and told herself she had no choice. “I, Theodosia…” She gulped for air. “…take thee Alexander…” She gulped again. “…to be my awful wedded husband…”

Redonk Nutshell: An arranged marriage between a down-on-her-luck pampered socialite and a salt-of-the-earth circus performer results in serious fireworks

May’s Retro Read! This was a random library find I picked up on a whim. I’m glad I did because what a sweet and funny story. It’s always such a great feeling striking gold when you’re not looking for it.

Daisy Devreaux has been given an ultimatum: marry her father’s choice in groom or go to jail to pay for her debts. She chooses marriage, having never met her future husband, Alex Markov.  Alex is a handsome man, though one of few words.  When he sweeps her away to a traveling circus, Daisy thinks it’s all a cruel joke. But it only gets worse. She’s forced to find her way in a brutal and backbreaking world, all while attempting to find out who she really is.  At first Alex gives her a few weeks until she reaches her breaking point, but she surprises him when she digs in her heels in the face of his challenge.

This is such a sweet romance story.  You take two people with two completely different world views, throw them together in a confined space, and watch a delightful romance story unfold. Alex is a cynic of the highest order where Daisy is an idealist. They butt heads over just about everything, from junk food to sex.  When Daisy begins to find her place amongst his crowd, Alex finds himself struggling to keep himself from falling for her.

Originally published in the mid-90’s, Ms. Phillip’s story of a modern-day arranged marriage holds true through the ages. If you’re looking for a sweet, funny, and swoon-worthy romance I’d highly recommend giving Kiss an Angel a chance.

Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Rating: B+

Romance: 5/5              Raunch: 3.5/5

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