Confessions From an Arranged Marriage by Miranda Neville

Redonk Nutshell: Man & woman who despite each other end up obligated to marry after a case of mistaken identity leads to scandal

This was my first time reading Miranda Neville, and I have to say I really enjoyed her style.

Lord Blakeney and Lady Minerva Montrose despise each other with equal amounts of loathing.  Blakeney’s reputation as a wastrel does not earn himself any respect from Minerva, not that Minerva has any desire for him to view her AT ALL.  When he shows up, late, to the ball his family has put on in her honor, they put up the required pretenses.  Later, when Blakeney barges in, drunk, on a woman indisposed on a couch, and decides to take liberties with her.  Mind you, he thinks he knows who this woman is, and he also thinks said woman wouldn’t mind. What he doesn’t know is that the woman is actually Minerva.  He doesn’t realize until a crowd of people, including his mother and father, walk in on him with his head half up her skirt.   Minerva isn’t really aware of what’s happening, being that she dosed herself with laudanum to take care of her migrane.

From here we get the story of how Blakeney and Minerva take it upon themselves to become friends.  Besides, they’re to be husband and wife, they might as well make the most of it.  Minerva has political aspirations, and Blakeney, a future Duke, will have influential reach.  And Minerva will be able to give him heirs, though he has no desire to have any, at least at the moment.  The waters between these two are treacherous for a good while, especially given that Blakeney has gone out of his way to hide a horrific secret about himself.

This was a truly enjoyable read.  It’s always fun to watch two people who despise each other go head-to-head.  It’s especially fun when it’s well done, and in this case it very much is.  Blakeney is easy to dislike.  He appears to be completely noncommittal and uninterested in anything, much to the ire of his parents.  When Minerva discovers there’s much more going on beneath his facade, she’s intent on discovering who this man really is.  Luckily for her, he’s utterly captivating.  Watching the characters mature is a treat.

Rating: B

Romance: 3/5         Raunch: 3/5

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