And one last thing, believe me when I say I will not be letting Mike off with “irreconcilable differences” in divorce court. Mike Terwilliger will own up to being the faithless, loveless, spineless, useless, dickless wonder he is.

Redonk Nutshell: A woman-scorned gets her vengeance and redemption

You know that therapy device that says sit down and write a letter to the person you’re angry at?  And then tuck it away and read it a few days later?  This is sort of along the lines of Molly Harper’s chick-lit book And One Last Thing…, except Lacey Terwilliger didn’t stick her letter away – she sent it.  To everyone in both her cheating husband’s contact book and her own.

When she’s accidentally delivered her husband’s mistress’s flowers, Lacey realizes that her husband has been having an affair.  In a flash of rage and grief, she sends a vindictive, though hilarious, blurb about her husband’s illicit activities in his company’s newsletter. Her hubs takes legal action, and Lacey opts to escape to her small cabin in the middle of nowhere to allow herself some space and time to cool off.

Lacey expects to have some alone time, but the next door cabin is occupied by a Hugh Jackman lookalike who takes serious issue w/ Lacey’s presence.  They battle out each other’s presence for a few days, but gradually come to tolerate, then enjoy, each others’ company.  Monroe helps Lacey focus her energy, and before long she finds herself questioning what, exactly, is next for her.

This is a really sweet and angsty FEMME power book.  Lacey’s husband is just…scum, and when she gets in her digs, she really makes them count.  It’s fantastic.  Lacey gradually comes to terms with her anger and the feeling of betrayal, and though she struggles to find herself, she gradually gets back on her own two feet in a most satisfying, and realistic, manner.

Logan is adorable.  Their friendship starts out in rough waters, but it slowly calms and they become good friends.  When things begin to heat up between them, it’s Logan who is the more rational of the two.  While reading this, I couldn’t help but think of Chris O’Dowd‘s character from Bridesmaids (though he looks nothing like Hugh Jackman). I think it’s the sort of laid back yet smart-ass sarcastic sense of humor that did it for me. He keeps Lacey anchored to reality while still encouraging her to explore her own possibility.

This was a lovely read.  It’s funny, heart wrenching, and supremely satisfying.  It’s a wonderful example of “chick-lit” that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

And One Last Thing…by Molly Harper

Rating: B+

Romance: 4/5               Raunch: 3.5/5

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