She hadn’t done nintey percent of what she wrote about, but that didn’t matter. That was teh point of fantasy, after all. It didn’t have to be practical. She’d grown to think of Eris as almost a different person. Someone bolder. Someone worshipped. Loved.

Redonk Nutshell: Woman channels inner vixen through an erotic blog and unknowingly earns the interest of coworker

This is a shortie but goodie. LOVED this story.

Eve Grant works as a customer service drone in a cubicle by day but by night she writes erotica on her blog. She channels her alter ego and earns herself a following. Yet her daily life is lacking in adventure. Up until the moment she starts noticing the attractive IT guy around the office and a new follower of her blog appears on the radar. Little does she know that these two things *might* be related.

This is a fantastic, spicy short that really delves into the every-woman fantasy. Eve is a completely relatable woman. She works hard at a job that isn’t really all that fulfilling. She lives out her fantasies through her alter ego, Eris Apparent, and writes steamy erotic fiction. Lane DeMarco started working at her company the same time Eve did, and though they know each other, they had never really struck up a friendship. He’s an attractive man, a fact Eve has taken note of but dismissed. When he becomes fodder for her fantasies, her blog really takes off, earning her a new anonymous follower. She strikes up a conversation with the newbie, and the next few days when Lane makes appearances she notices…things. Things that may or may not be coincidences. He’s wearing a tie the day after she writes a hot scene of a woman taking advantage of her man wearing a tie and little else.  He wears cowboy boots the day after a story about taking advantage of a rough and tumble farmhand. Eve is a smart woman but she has little confidence in herself and refuses to see the truth right in front of her.  It isn’t until Lane barges into her cubicle to remove her internet history (corporate arrives  for a crack-down), that she is forced to put two and two together.

So what happens then? Imma not gonna tell you. It’s worth reading to find out.

This Is What I Want by Megan Hart

Rating: A

Romance: 2/5           Raunch: 5/5


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