Redonk Nutshell: Mechanic decides to have a fling with someone in order to spice up her life and ultimately decides on her best friend’s brother

HA-CHA-CHA! This book is uber hawt. This is probably my favorite of Ms. Dahl’s so far, not only because it’s DELICIOUSLY Raunchy, but also because the leading characters are super adorable.

Lori Love comes back to her home town in order to take care of her dad.  Fast forward many years later, her dad has long since passed away and she’s taken on his garage business.  Lori has been a master mechanic since she was a kid, and she’s starting to feel…antsy.  She’s always wanted to travel, and she left college in order to come back and take care of her dad.

When the local sheriff tells her he’s reopening her father’s case because he suspects murder, Lori is startled.  It’s the first push in a series of nagging feelings she’s had about getting her life back in order.  Her first order of business is to get some action in the bedroom.  Her love of erotic novels is leaving her wanting something more. When her eyes fall on Quinn, her best friend’s brother, she’s reluctant at first.  But when Quinn returns her interest, things start to get interesting.

It gets especially feisty when Quinn takes it upon himself to learn Lori’s fantasies, and swipes her favorite erotic novel to read “for research.”

There’s an excellent amount of humor and sass in Start Me Up.  Our heroine is something of a tomboy, but is fairly comfortable in her skin.  Quinn is simply adorable.  He’s a nerd extraordinaire, an uber -successful architect that has a tendency to get swept away in art of his work.  Since these two have known each other all their lives, their adventure in romanceland is super interesting.  The rules of their relationship change, and they both find themselves ultimately questioning what, exactly, it is they’re looking for in each other.

An excellent contemporary read!

Start Me Up by Victoria Dahl, 6/30/09, 367pgs

Rating: A

Romance: 4/5            Raunch: 5/5

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