Redonk Nutshell: Rich girl looking to make it on her own finds herself drawn to enigmatic CEO

Bared to You by Sylvia Day comes across as something of a direct challenge to the success of E L James’s Fifty trilogy. It’s hot, it’s filthy, and it’s actually been edited before publication (WHO KNEW!?!?!?).  It won’t rocket your intelligence to the next level, but it may just rocket you elsewhere, say, in the bedroom.

Eva is a woman looking to make her own way in New York City. She has a brand new job as an assistant to a junior marketing exec at a swanky ad agency, and shares an apartment with her close friend, Cary. She comes from money, and she’s devoted herself to finding her own path without help from her rich stepfather. When she has a run in with a mysterious and sexy dark stranger at her high rise office building, she immediately senses an attraction. When that stranger turns out to be Gideon Cross, the owner of the building and super successful business tycoon, she shies away. He has a reputation, and she’s determined to keep herself from becoming entangled.  Too bad her for, he’s just too much to resist, and before long their tumbling into unknown waters where heartache and distrust loom in the deep depths.

It’s easy to compare this to Fifty. There are innumerable similarities in the plot and characters.  Bared to You, however, felt a little bit more raw, and perhaps, even, more mature.  Where Ana was inexperienced and faltering, Eva is direct and resolute.  She still has her moments, however, where she could use a swift smack or two.  Still, you can sense the difference in Eva and Gideon’s relationship from Christian & Ana from their interchanges.  When Gideon more or less propositions her, she cuts him with a quick retort:

“Sex that’s planned like a business transaction is a turnoff for me.”

“Establishing parameters in a merger makes it less likely that there’ll be exaggerated expectations and disappointment.”

“Are you kidding? I scowled. “Listen to yourself. Why even call it a fuck? Why not be clear and call it a seminal emission in a pre-approved orifice?”

He pissed me off by throwing his head back and laughing.

Their exchanges alone are almost as jam-packed with sexual tension as their actual sex.  This is a deliciously filthy book that I very much enjoyed, mostly because these two had such a fascinating dynamic.

Bared to You is the first in a series that Ms. Day is calling her Crossfire trilogy.  If you’re looking for something steamy to follow down the path of Fifty, I’d highly recommend giving this a go.

Bared to You by Sylvia Day

Rating: A

Romance: 3/5     Raunch: 5/5

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