He didn’t have the guts to be a black sheep. She didn’t have the willpower not to.  They brought out the worst in each other. No wonder it felt so good.

About Last Night by Ruthie Knox

Redonk Nutshell: Man & woman find themselves an unlikely pair after a one-night stand

Cath Talarico has vowed to lead a safe and uninteresting path. When she wakes in an unknown apartment after a rare night out on the town, she assumes the worst. Her unlikely rescuer is the man she’s termed “City,” a fellow commuter she’s seen daily but never spoken with.  After self perusal, she realizes they didn’t sleep together – instead he put her to bed. No really. He did.  When she greets him, they end up hitting it off, and Cath realizes he’s not at all what she expected him to be.

Nev Chamberlain is a younger son from a prestigious rich family. He works in finance, but his passion is art. By day he arms himself in suits but in his own time he’s in tees and jeans and covered in paint.  He’s always been intrigued by the intense, petite woman he commutes with, but he hadn’t the nerve to speak with her.

The attraction between these two is consuming. They’re polar opposites, and they each are doubtful of this “relationship” going anywhere.  In fact, Cath keeps an impenetrable wall around her heart, but she doesn’t count on Nev’s patience and  persistence.  They strike a deal to dupe Nev’s manipulative mother, and they fake marriage during a weekend visit. It goes south, though, when they realize their “faked” feelings aren’t fake at all, and this whole marriage thing might have merit.

This.  This book. GAH! Loved loved loved it.  It’s such a romantic story and WOOOO-EEEEE is it steamy!  Ruthie Knox has quickly become a favorite author of mine.  I simply can’t wait for her to put out more work.  MUST WRITE QUICKER, RUTHIE!  Bwahahaha.  But seriously, this book is a fantastic romantic read.  The attraction between the main characters sizzles between the pages. It’s both painful and cathartic to watch them work through their emotional baggage.  They both grow as characters, and their love for one another gradually overcomes their individual hang ups. But it takes some nudging to get them to that point.

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a steamy, sensual and epically romantic read.

Rating: A+

Romance: 5/5            Raunch: 4/5

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