Redonk Nutshell: A vampire takes on a woman who is harboring secrets, and together they plot to do the unthinkable and break into an impenetrable prison

First thing’s first: I’m loving this cover. Dead sexy.  I mean c’mon.   A man in a black trench coat, carrying a sword.  And a crazy ass gun.  Me likey.

I thought this could be a fun read, a futuristic sci-fi/fantasy thriller.  Though flawed, it proved a fun ride.

Rico is a very, very old vampire.  He owns his own ship and counts on the crew to keep it running, taking on mercenary jobs as their primary source of income.  Rico is a blood-starve sex manic, to put it plainly.  In Nina Croft’s world, this is a given for a vampire.  Rico basques in his skin, and takes pride in his conquests.  When sexy and mysterious Skylar Rossaria hires them to take on their most dangerous task yet, Rico becomes intrigued.  He knows there is more to this woman than meets the eye, and before long he finds himself wanting to know more about her than what her “O” face looks like.  *snort*

Skylar is attracted to Rico, and it takes everything in her arsenal to keep him at arm’s length.  She has her priorities, and her secrets are likely to surface if she allows the vampire to get close.

Break Out is a face paced thriller through space.  Rico and Skylar’s relationship, if you could call it that, moves a bit too fast for my tastes, on the whole “I’ve never felt like this about anyone before and I think I want to spend my life with you” scale.  The sex scenes are smokin, and the air between these two sizzle.  Unfortunately, the rest took a back seat to the physical relationship.  I thought there was a lot of potential here – Croft has built a fascinating world, and I wanted to know more about The Collective and how Skylar’s actions will affect it.

Break Out was reminiscent of Grimspace or Sherrilyn Kenyon’s League series, what with the band of rogue space mercenaries traveling under the radar in times of duress.  Only with a dash of blood drinking.

A fun read, though lacking a bit in depth, Break Out was a first step in a hopefully rich new series.

Break Out by Nina Croft

Rating: C

Romance: 1/5            Raunch: 4/5

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