“But maybe there is something wrong with me. I don’t like things even though they feel shameful. I like them more because of it.”

So close.

“Why, sweetheart?”

She barely whispered the answer. “Because it feels good.”

Redonk Nutshell: Sexually repressed woman is banished into a sexually liberated underworld.
Noelle Cunningham’s fumblings of rebellion have landed her in some serious hot water. She’s been banned from Eden, where life is strictly sterile and monitored, and banished into the sectors outside the city walls. She’s taken in by one of the gangs, before any serious harm comes to her, and she begins to realize how much of life she was missing out on by being so sheltered in Eden. The O’Kane gang takes her under its belt, and she finds herself pulled to one of its enforcers, Jas. He’s quieter and more reserved than other men in the gang, protective even. When Noelle is encouraged to come out of her shell and explore her sensual desires, Jas watches with apprehension. When Noelle begins to seriously embrace what she craves, she pulls Jas into her life in ways neither of them anticipated.

First thing to know, Kit Rocha is the kinky alter-ego to Moira Rogers. Beyond Shame is set in a fantasy future world that plays hosts to some seriously kink, and it’s FANTASTIC. What makes “good” erotica even greater is a solid story line, one that manages to find the balance of naughty and nice. Kit Rocha does this very well in Beyond Shame. It’s a dark world, one of repression and retribution, one where right and wrong is very grey despite its black and white teachings. Noelle story is one of a sexual awakening, a woman who recognises her desires but has yet to embrace or accept them. The rag-tag group that has offered her shelter is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, and they give her carte blanche to explore her deepest fantasties without judgement or condemnation. This in itself is enough to put Noelle on edge, and it’s only after a little bit of self encouragement that Noelle allows herself license to let go.

This was a lovely story. I look forward to more from Kit Rocha.

Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha

Rating: A

Romance: 2/5         Raunch: 5/5

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