Beyond Eden

Rating: C

Romance: 2/5            Raunch: 5/5

Redonk Nutshell: Long lost lovers reunite and discover new things about each other

Eve Everton and Paul Mattling had a good thing in high school. They were crazy in love, but their paths took them different ways. Eve moved to New York to explore her artistic side while Paul stayed local, eventually becoming a lawyer and hoping to finally earn the approval in his strict father’s eyes. Their good friend, Danny, rooms with Paul and has recently retired from being a Dom. The kicker? Danny and Paul have a very intense relationship. Danny envied Paul in high school because he had serious feelings for Eve, but because his two friends had eyes only for each other, he explored other avenues of his sensuality. He was a playboy, a man who used his skill eventually to make crazy money becoming a renowned Dom. Danny and Paul remained close, and in the process Paul figured out he is a masochist. When Eve returns home and reconnects with Danny and Paul, sparks start to fly in a way no one anticipated, and it’s messing up everyone’s plans: Eve doesn’t want to fall in love, Paul is getting married to another woman, and Danny doesn’t want either of these two out of his life. Decisions have to be made, and hearts must be broken. The question is, who will come out unscathed?

Okay, I was I looking forward to reading this one for awhile so when I was given the chance to nab it as an ARC I jumped. It took me a bit to get into this story. Something about these characters really bothered me. Their interaction all felt very superficial. The connection between Danny and Eve was there but rushed, and poor Paul and his whole effed up life…yikes. I’m not talking about his inability to “come out,” for lack of a better word, as a submissive. I’m talking about his complete chicken shit move of not being able to get out from under his daddy’s thumb. All he cares about are appearances, and I wanted to backhand the guy. Sure, his sexual proclivities are a bit dark (okay, A LOT dark) but none of that shocked me. Paul needs bloodshed and pain for true sexual gratification. I wasn’t terribly bothered by this, though I imagine some readers might be (if you’ve never read anything like this before). Danny’s bisexual manner may shock some readers as well, but I thought it was lovely. His genuine love and affection for both Eve and Paul was touching though, again, rushed.

Did I enjoy this book? Yeah, I think so, though I was disappointed it didn’t rise above the superficial for me. There is sex and kink, but I didn’t really emotionally connect.

Beyond Eden by Kele Moon

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