Halfway through 2013. Can I get a WHAAAAAT??!? Here are a few of the top rated books so far in 2013 that really lit our fires here at The Raunch Dilettante:

New Fiction:


Addicted, Charlotte Stein

Erotica writer ventures outside herself in order to spice up her writing and meets a man who lights her fire in ways she never imagined.

Rating: A

Super sexy, super steamy, a definite favorite of mine from Ms. Charlotte Stein.





Big Boy

Big Boy, Ruthie Knox

A woman finds an escape via an online dating site where she beings engaging in monthly “fantasy” dates with a mystery man, all revolving around certain time periods at the local train museum.

Rating: A

A novella that packs a punch.




Duke Diaries

The Duke Diaries, Sophia Nash

A Sort-of friends to reluctant lovers tale, we get a unique historical romance that truly blossoms amid skeptical pressure. An enlightened heroine and a pseudo-rake steal the spotlight in this series about Dukes and marriages.

Rating: A






Any Duchess Will Do, Tessa Dare

A woman purposefully embodies everything that a Duchess should NOT be in order to turn off a Duke’s finagling mother. But the plan backfires when the hero and the heroine become good friends and eventually lovers. Fantastic historical romance with hilarious banter between characters.

Rating: A





Published before 2013 but new to TRD:


Love in the Afternoon, Lisa Kleypas

A spinster begins corresponding to a Captain on behalf of her flighty friend and gradually develops a crush on him. When the Captain comes to claim her, he is perplexed to find the woman he had fallen in love with not at all as he expected her to be.  A very cute yet angsty historical read.







The Emperor’s Edge, Lindsay Buroker

Loyal enforcer becomes embroiled in a scheme to overthrow the empire when a notorious assassin is spotted in her city. ERMEHGERD this series…LOVE. SO much love for it it’s ridiculous. It’s coming to an end this summer, and I’m excited for its conclusion. You can download the 1st of the series for FREE at Amazon. DO EET!






We at The Raunch Dilettante really enjoyed all these books so far this year. Baby, they were fireworks! Or something…now that you have Katy Perry in your head, go eat a hot dog and get some sunburn, okay? AMERICA! and HAPPY READING!

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