Redonk Nutshell: Woman sets out to clear her father’s name by getting close with the man who fired him

This was my first time reading Sherrill Bodine.  I was intrigued by the premise:  Vintage boutique owner Venus Smith is determined to find out why her father was fired by the company that’s employed him for years.  The Clayworth’s have not only been their employer but also close family friends, and Venus is convinced they did her father a great injustice.  When she comes into possession of a rare brooch, she realizes it’s not a reproduction but an actual piece of jewelry that had been reported stolen from The Clayworth’s department store many years ago. When Venus’s store is vandalized, it becomes clear that someone is after the brooch.  Connor Clayworth takes it upon himself get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the brooch, as well as attempting to salvage his relationship with Venus.

This was a sweet read.  This isn’t the first book featuring these characters – Ms. Bodine has written about the Clayworth’s and The Smith’s before.  That said, I was able to follow along, no problem, with the characters and pick up on their nuances from previous books.  Venus and Connor’s story is one of rediscovery.  They have something of a past, and when they reluctantly reconnect to solve the mystery surrounding the brooch, they end up having to face their evident attraction.

A sweet and thrilling tale, All I Want is You is a fun and charming love story about finding a connection where you least expect it.

All I Want is You by Sherrill Bodine, 352 pgs, 1/5/12

Rating: C+

Romance: 3/5           Raunch: 3/5

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