“If you’re brave enough to want me, I will marry you.”

He pulled her against him, kissing her with all the passion, and fear, and emotion he’d been holding inside of him for a week. “Bravery has nothing to do with it,” he told her, and he almost laughed, he was so exquisitely happy. “It’s self preservation.”

Her brow furrowed.

He kissed her again. He couldn’t seem to stop. “I believe I would die without you,” he murmured.

Redonk Nutshell: Governess with a past catches unwittingly the eye of a young nobleman

Anne Wynter has been hiding a secret since her teenage years. With her false name, she’s managed to employ herself as a governess in the Smythe-Smith family to three girls. When the young earl returns home after many years of banishment, she finds herself the object of his fascination. Anne is desperate to  keep herself out of trouble and out of sight, but her own attraction to Daniel gradually begins to outweigh her rational senses.

Daniel Smythe-Smith is glad to be home. His forced time abroad (after a duel gone wrong) taught him a lot about himself and the world, but he’s ready to be back with his family. When he spies Anne among his sisters and cousins playing piano during their renowned recital, he is immediately drawn to her.  He’s desperate to know her and court her, despite her position as a governess and his as a nobleman.  But Daniel has never been one to let etiquette dictate his actions.

This was a really sweet read. Daniel is such a kind, compassionate guy and it’s wonderful watching him coerce Anne out of her shell. Anne has some secrets about her past, and when she finally allows them to come to the surface, Daniel is right there to help keep her afloat.

A Night Like This is a lovely, romantic read by veteran Julia Quinn.

A Night Like This by Julia Quinn

Rating: B

Romance: 5/5        Raunch: 2/5


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