Keeper: Book One

Amanda Ryan’s Debut Book!

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Civil war once again looms over Aren and the fate of its people lies in the hands of a slave and an assassin… 

Aren is ruled by magic, a skill held by few and coveted by many. Magicians are powerless, however, without their Keepers – human conduits of power that were nearly hunted to extinction during a civil war.

Amalia has managed to keep the truth of her existence a secret, despite serving one of the most power hungry, reviled lords of Aren. When a desperate bid for freedom is thwarted by none other than Lord Ilyas san Merin, the Right Hand to the Royal of Aren, Lia believes her luck has run out. But Lord Merin plays a game to only which he knows the rules, and Lia is forced to make a quick decision – become one of his pawns and potentially earn freedom, or return to servitude.

Ilyas soon discovers a treacherous plot to overthrow the Royal, and Lia offers to help him track down the magical tome the traitors have stolen in exchange for asylum. He reluctantly accepts and they are thrust into an adventure that forces them each to trust one another, and slowly Lia realizes that Ilyas san Merin has secrets of his own.

Each step that brings them closer to the traitors reveals more complications, and before long the game Ilyas so artfully orchestrated shifts to make Lia the main player. She comes to learn the consequences of what it means to be a Keeper in a world rife with power-hungry madness, and in the end she has to make a decision that not only will change her life, but also the world.


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