On the cusp of the “Fifty Frenzy,” I’ve pulled together a list of erotic romance stories that leave Fifty Shades of Grey in the dust.  There is some really amazing stuff out there, writing that should be in the spotlight for it’s beautifully crafted writing and imagination, writing that is original as well as gripping and poignant.  And sexy as hell.

If you found yourself enjoying E L James’ Fifty series, consider adding these to your To-Be-Read stack.

  1. Dirty, Megan Hart: emotionally vacant woman struggles through her intense attraction to a man she meets in a candy store
  2. Curio, Cara McKenna : A woman pays a french model and prostitute to take her virginity
  3. A Courtesan’s Guide to Getting Your Man, Celeste Bradley & Susan Donovan: this dual tale tells the story of two women in two different centuries embarking on discovering their sexuality
  4. Sin, Sharon Page : Erotic illustrator enlists the help of a renowned rake to help her track down the courtesan blackmailing her
  5. The Lady’s Tutor, Robin Schone : Women enlists help to educate herself in amorous acts in order to tempt back her husband
  6. The Reluctant Nude, Meg Maguire: Woman poses for a nude sculpture and finds herself reluctantly captivated by the artist
  7. Reckless, Anne Stuart: dark & tortured hero finds himself going from the seducer to the seduced
  8. Master of the Mountain Cherise Sinclair: woman is taken under the wing of a Dom and finds herself exploring the BDSM world
  9. Everything Forbidden, Jess Michaels : Regency woman bargains her virginity to a dom for three contractual months
  10. Broken, Megan Hart : married woman fills the void of loneliness by listening to a stranger’s stories of sexual encounters

5 Responses

  1. This was a great post. Although I liked the characters in “Fifty,” the bad writing was really hard to get through. I read “Dirty” and I was pleased at how well erotica/romance can be written. I’m enjoying this genre that I have always avoided for no good reason. Your blog has been so fun for me for book recs!

  2. And here you are in Lancaster! Great!

    Tried to find “Dirty” in English on iBooks for my iPad. Loved “Fifty Shades” trilogy regardless of the tedious writing (I wasn’t expecting Nabokov!). Where do I find it?

    LOVE your blog!

    Best wishes!

    Linda aka Miranda

    1. Hi Miranda! So glad to have new readers! On my iPad I have “Dirty” (& many other romances, etc) thru the Kindle app. Both Amazon & Barnes & Noble carry many romances & erotica that iBooks does not yet have.

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