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Life has been a bit on the crazy side over here in Raunchy land.  It drives me bat-shite crazy when I don’t have a daily post, so you can only imagine how effing nuts I’ve been driving myself because I haven’t gotten my arse to sit down and pound out some reviews.

Things that have kept me from posting reviews:

  1. Stress induced lethargy – my car slowly died last week, leaving me the adventure of my first car buying experience, which led to:
  2. Freaking out about $ – pretty sure I thought about selling everything and moving into a tent
  3. Hot as balls – no central air in my house, and every time I turned on the a/c unit in my office I blew a fuse. That’s how I roll, yo.
  4. Dog sitting – I had two dogs in my house this past week & spent a good amount of time picking up poop and throwing tennis balls
  5. Reading books that don’t come out until the fall – I have read many incredible books lately, but they don’t come out until Sept/Oct. It’s like having a secret you can’t share with anyone until the pre-ordained time
  6. Dumb ass computer – I may or may not post things from a computer in my office. Aforementioned computer blows serious swamp donkey balls
  7. Herniated disc – I threw out my back a few weeks ago when I sneezed. In a parking lot. Bitch almost went down.  I haven’t been the same since.  Muscle relaxers (which don’t help w/ #1) and chiro vists have kept me busy.
Excuses, excuses. Just know I have not forsaken the blog. NEVAH! Imma gonna get back on track. Just bear with me, Raunchers, and know that good things are yet to come.


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  1. Sadly, “picking up poop” in my house is a daily occurrence, dogs or no. If it’s not poop it’s barf (thanks, Shadow). We loved having your fur babies. You know they’re welcome any time.

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