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Who is The Raunch Dilettante


We are readers of romance, erotica, young adult fiction, and various literary fiction. We peddle in smut. The Raunch Dilettante started in 2011 with Amanda Ryan and has since grown to include other fellow guest reviewers.

Amanda started this hot mess as an effort to keep her smutty thoughts and opinions categorized.  She loves to read, and while she never envisioned herself as a romance reader, she somehow managed to get sucked into the genre.  She’s been shamelessly loving it ever since.  Most of it, really. Some if it is…well…you know. She came to realize she needed a place to log all this stuff. Because she reads A LOT. And quickly.

Thus, The Raunch Dilettante was born.

Reviewers at The Raunch Dilettante are:

  • Amanda Ryan
  • Sassy Jack
  • Olivia Somerset
  • The Book Pimp
  • Little Red Hen

Have a question?  An opinion?  Interested in writing a review?  Want a specific book (or something else) reviewed? Bored and want to harass someone anonymously?  Email us!

Amanda Ryan can be contacted at: ryan (at) raunchdilettante (dot) com.

You can also find us at: