Romance. Fantasy. Badassery.

Amanda Ryan, author

Avid romance reader . Fledgling writer . Herder of Guinea Pigs .

The Raunch Dilettante is home base for ALL THINGS Amanda Ryan. You can find info on her upcoming and current series, as well as other shenanigans she gets herself into (which is a lot).

Check out KEEPER, the first novel in Amanda’s romance-fantasy series. You can get a sneak peek of Chapter One here.



Amanda created TRD in January 2010 as a place for her to keep track of the ridiculous amounts of smut she read. It became a book review blog that featured fair and well-written reviews of books both past and upcoming. The blog retired in 2013, but it still lives on in Amanda’s heart. You can peruse the archives of TRD Book Blog from the side menu.